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Database Searches

At Blackstone Investigations Group, we provide quality database research services throughout the United States and Canada. We assist law enforcement entities, private investigators, law firms, and other companies, with timely, accurate, and reliable information. We provide a wide variety of search information from a single source to suit your investigative needs. When you need hard to find and critical information fast, we can get the job done for you.

Investigative information isn’t always easily available through the Internet searches or other simple means. To find more elusive info about a great number of things, you need access to an established network of researchers, private investigators, government databases, and other sources. Blackstone Investigations Group has access to thorough sources of difficult to find information, and we provide the higher level of service needed for timely and accurate information, and we are recognized for providing a higher level of service than typical information companies.

Our Database Research Services

Types of database research services we provide include:

  • Asset Searches
  • Bank & Brokerages
  • Credit Searches
  • Tax Record Searches
  • Location & Skip Trace
  • Criminal Records Searches
  • Civil Records Searches
  • Motor Vehicle Searches
  • Telephone Search & Trace
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Federal Records Searches
  • Medical Searches
  • News & Media Searches
  • And Many More!

We offer flexible payment options to our clients, and we accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. A signed credit card authorization form on file is required. Billing address and cardholder information is verified with the card issuing bank/institution to protect the cardholder.

When you need to find out the truth about a person or company and need information you can depend on fast, reach out to the professionals at Blackstone Investigations Group, LLC. We provide the database research information solutions you need, and we help you be armed with the truth.

Blackstone Investigations Group, LLC is proud to be an active Member of Intellenet.

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