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Video Surveillance & Documentation

Video Surveillance and Documentation

The most basic technology used on almost every surveillance job is the tried and tested digital video camera. Modern camcorders are small and easily concealable but hold tens of hours of footage, have incredible battery life, and amazing zoom capabilities.

Nothing can deliver the kind of clear visual proof an HD picture can, and a clear picture will almost always stand up as evidence in court. Automatic timestamps also eliminate the need for a lot of writing notes.

Like any business, PI work is all about giving clients what they’re after. The convenience of digital formats is a big deal for getting the evidence in the hands of the client quickly.

But sometimes you do need something a little more high tech than dad’s HandyCam. Hauling out your camcorder in a restaurant or office building is going to do nothing but tip off your target and blow your cover.

In those cases, a micro camera makes a lot of sense. You can get them disguised as buttons, bluetooth headsets, or tiny little flexible fiber optic stalks, and can conceal them almost anywhere.


And smartphones, of course, now provide high-quality video and pictures and are completely ubiquitous. No one is going to blink twice if you pull your smartphone out in public in situations where regular cameras are sure to attract unwanted attention.

There are also situations where maximum zoom is the only way to get eyes on an isolated subject. SLRs with a fat zoom lens parked on the nose are still the best way to get those crisp, clear, long-distance shots of the subject of your investigation.

Tripods are a simple and effective accessory. New miniature models made of flexible material are perfect for propping a camera up on a dashboard for hours of coverage or twisting around a railing or light post for a steady platform.

Fixed video, in the form of security cameras or “pole cams” can also be useful when surveilling fixed locations. Although rarely concealed, these cameras are often rarely noticed. This basic technology still holds up when it comes to monitoring public spaces or a business that has granted permission.

If you need professional video surveillance work done, contact Blackstone Investigations Group, LLC today. Our teams of highly experienced investigators have the skill and the resources to find the evidence you’re looking for in a timely, confidential manner. CALL US TODAY so we can discuss your case and get to work!

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