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Eavesdropping and Gathering Audio Evidence

There are also circumstances where audio recording is the only way to get the evidence you need. You have to be careful with audio surveillance because in some states, all parties being recorded must be informed and grant consent. Violate that rule and you will be the one on the hot seat when the case is over.

You also have to be careful about this rule even when performing video surveillance—video recorders record audio by default, and while you will often be so far away that it isn’t an issue, in some cases the mic could inadvertently catch the subject speaking. If you’re conducting an investigation in a state with strict two-party audio recording consent laws, do yourself a favor and disable it entirely. In other states, only one party has to know they’re being recorded.

Gone are the days of wearing a literal “wire.” In states where audio recording consent laws will allow it, you can make use of unobtrusive wireless body microphones to speak with the target on a pretext, or to “wire up” your client to get something incriminating on the subject. Good models with multi-channel transmission avoid interference and can both record and transmit real-time broadcasts to a base station up to 200 feet away.

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